Pine Point Reflection

Pine Point was one of the more interesting things I have examined throughout the course of this class. It was very interesting because it strikes me as a digital autobiography of the authors life or experience at Pine Point. I found the fact that it incorporates sound, pictures, videos and words to form a story or to recount his experiences at Pine Point and at other places and moments of his life all together. I would like to point out that I think the author effectively uses sound throughout the entire story to invoke emotions necessary to the plot. For example when we get to the section called “Town,” where the tone of the story instantly gets more creepy and morose sounding. The author describes the layout of the town as “Economics 101,” and built in an “unforgivable landscape” almost describing Pine Point as not a great place at all. Up until this point I was receiving mixed signals from the literature and images at Pine Point. Part of me thought that the author loved this place, and enjoyed growing up there, but then another part of me realizes that his descriptions of Pine Point throughout the story describe Pine Point as not the greatest place on Earth, in contrary to to how everyone else felt about Pine Point. He even writes that “in the end, it was left standing just long enough for a single generation to run through it,” which also led me to believe that maybe it was not a great place to live at all, and the author was trying to find a creative way to inform people about this place.


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