Week 11- The Circle Continued

6. ‘”Meanwhile,” Stenton said, “there’s another area of public life where we want and expect transparency, and that’s democracy.  We’re lucky to have been born and raised in a democracy, but one that is always undergoing improvements”‘ (207).

I think one of the reasons I really enjoyed reading the book is because it was realistic science fiction to me. It took concepts and ideas that are not that far ahead of our time, and provided commentary on the effects some of these issues could bring. I found this very thought provoking an engaging. The quote above is commentary, I think on how the The Circle would continue to provide improvements and enhancements to everyday life, and how those improvements to help the lives of the average person. To me, and I know I said this in my previous post, The Circle reminds me of a larger version of Google, doing things on a more worldly scale.

In correlation with my previous post, I think that the two quotes I chose link up in many ways. For starters, this quote talks about the need for advancements in technology and its connection to the real world, whereas my last quote talked about how Mae sometimes struggled with the concept of real versus reality in her current life. This book explores unique ideas and concepts in the realm of reality, and whether or not what The Circle and its employees do are realistic expectations of humanity, and if their inventions are actually benefiting people. Another argument would be that The Circle and they inventions create less social people, and a society that needs gadgets and “improvements” (207) in order to communicate with each other, and to continue moving forward. What I wonder is, is there a world where we continue on our technological advancement path, while not losing who we are as humans, in the books for the future?


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