Week 10- The Circle

“All of it felt like something from another time, a rightfully forgotten time, and made Mae feel she was not only wasting her life but that this entire company was wasting life, wasting human potential and holding back the turning of the globe.  The cubicle at that place, her cubicle, was the distillation of it all.  The low walls around her, meant to facilitate her complete concentration on the work at hand, were lined with burlap, as if any other material might distract her, might allude to more exotic ways of spending her days” (11).

Out of everything we have read in this entire class so far, this is by far my favorite! I had so much trouble putting the book down in between class and meals. When I first began reading the early descriptions of The Circle, I thought to myself that it was a company very similar to a company like Google or Facebook. As I continued to read the book, I realized that this company was something far more advanced and controversial than any company in existence today. Since in my future, I want to become an entrepreneur in the tech industry, this book instantly reserved an interest with me.

The quote above is very interesting in reflecting upon the advancement of technology in comparison with the rest of the book, and reality in relation to economic value of gathering personal data, and the ability to forget yourself. In this world, Mae is surrounded by two worlds: one revolved around technology and innovation, and one stuck in the past in essence. It is fascinating that innovation, and the advancement of the technology field is able to blind people from seeing the corruption, and possible backlash of a lot of the conspiracies behind the company. I have not yet finished the book completely, but from what I can tell Mae is stuck between ambition to rise in the hierarchy of The Circle, which has been one of the most amazing accomplishments of her life, with the unsteadiness about the mysteries that are slowly revealed throughout the book.

To bring the book back to a personal level, a part of me doesn’t know if the bad outcomes of a company like The Circle, outweigh the good outcomes. Personally,


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