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I wanted to focus on the interactive text Faith for this blog post, because I found it rather interesting in form, but confusing in context. At first the poem gave me tons of frustration because of the ever changing meanings behind the changing words in the poem. It was as if Faith was many different poems within in the last poem.

The difficult concept for me to comprehend with the constantly changing text when it came to Faith was that the meaning of the poem was also being updated and/or altered. Although the specific meaning of the poem changed as more words were added or taken away, it was as though a deeper meaning was hidden underlying all of the other messages.

During the interactive poem, the word “Leap” popped up on the screen towards the end of the poem, and it began to enlarge. As it it enlarged, I began to wonder about the underlying message behind the word Leap and how it connected to the poem, Faith. And then it hit me. The saying take a “leap of faith” could be one of the messages that the poet was trying to express. Maybe, the author was in fact urging people to take a “leap of faith” into the world of digital literature and almost start to except the evolution of literature as a work of art.

The poem alludes to the idea of a “mind press[ing] around” a bend or a new situation to “consummate” a “vision”, which in all essence could be correlating back to this different type of literature.

I am not sure I fully understand the meaning behind Faith, but I definitely think the form makes many different interpretations warranted and wanted by the author.


3 thoughts on “Blog 4

  1. I agree with the fact that the poem at first might have been confusing to follow as the changing of the poem led the reader in different directions. Paying attention to the changes along the way allows for the reader to experience what could of been a singular bland poem in multiple different ways almost seen as many related poems together. I believe the author wanted the reader to attempt to understand the different ways the poem could of been read especially with the many uses of sounds and animations. I believe a large part of this poem is expressed through its use of changing text and movement to emphasize what the author wants to portray to the reader. Part of the poem is about how you want to take in the change in the words as the reader attempts to examine why the portion before was presented and why it changed. I believe Kendall in the end is trying to tell the reader about his love for the belief in faith in general. Faith is something that logic can neither explain or comprehend. Faith is a feeling that is inside of people that can bring much relief as it really only hangs on personal beliefs. This allows a larger feeling of comfort with the world that can only be achieved by taking the final step that you stated well known as “the leap of faith”.


  2. I also wrote about the poem Faith and I really liked it. I initially thought that the author was religious and that he was talking about faith itself in a positive way and then in class on Thursday, I realized that he might be criticizing faith.

    At the end of the poem when all of the words fall, and then Faith falls on top of them, it stands out and I think that the author is trying to show that your faith will always stand out and that you can recognize it in the world.

    I didn’t really understand the meaning of the word “leap” and now after reading your post, it is much more clear. I thought it means that you had to leap away from your faith and have faith that you could live without your faith. (I know that that doesn’t make any sense now, but at the time it did to me.) A “leap of faith” makes much much more sense. I really like the connection you make between a leap of faith and the rise of electronic literature, because I didn’t think of it like that and that makes a lot of sense.


  3. I think your analysis of Faith was very interesting. I also agree it was a bit confusing. Since we are not used to these kinds of interactive poems it could get confusing on how to interpret the information given. The changing messages throughout the interaction with the poem were fascinating to me. I agree that it was a very difficult concept to comprehend. The messages would become confusing because I also would not know what to make of them. I thought your interpretation of the word leap was really great because I also had a hard time figuring out what it meant. I agree that maybe the author was trying to convey the message of taking a leap of faith. Overall, I think you did a great job figuring out the interactive poem “Faith.”


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